Smoochie Poochie Kiss'n Kittens

My name is Beth and I have been in the grooming industry since 1999. I was trained in the Professional Program at the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Arlington Heights, IL.

I recently moved to the Hanover Park area and have opened a small home-based grooming salon serving Schaumburg, Hanover Park, Roselle, Bartlett, Streamwood and surrounding Illinois areas providing high-quality dog and cat grooming with specialized care.  I am dedicated to offering your cherished pet a full-service, spa-like grooming experience without the spa price!

My clientele range from puppies to geriatrics; happy to shy; active and fun-loving to anxious.  I feel that SMOOCHIE POOCHIE KISS'N KITTENS is different because we provide a tranquil, spa-like environment that includes gentle hands, affection, calming music, hugs and kisses, belly rubs, ear scratching, support and praises. To add more of a soothing touch for some of our anxious friends, we offer aroma therapy with oils, Rescue Remedy and lavenders spray.

I find my work so rewarding that it doesn’t feel like work at all; just love expressed through the art of grooming.  There is no better therapy than a dog or puppy licking your face. Or a cat or kitten purring, or licking your fingers. 


For your pet's comfort, we only schedule one pet at a time and offer a cage-free environment.   This offers you a "straight through," one-on-one appointment working from start to finish and at your pet's pace, i.e., (cat, dog, puppy, kitten, bunny and ferrets).  For this convenience, we ask that you drop off and pick up on time to avoid a late pickup fee.  This is not only a courtesy for you and a stress reducer for YOUR pet, but a benefit for the customer before and after you.


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